Our Designs

We provide products that reflect our values of sharing COMMUNITY & CULTURE through love and respect. Our family's heritage is a beautiful melody primarily made up of the Northern Philippines and Central Mexico (Michoacan). Currently, our designs showcase a Mexican and Filipino vibe through symbolism and wording. 

The Mexipino Sun™

This sun is a symbol our children, our family, and our community. As my wife is Mexican and I am Filipino, creatively, our beautiful children are Mexipino. Just as we united and created life, this design culturally combines the life force of the sun. The rays on the outer edge are those of the sun on the Philippines flag while the face in the center portion is from the Aztec sun stone. This combination forms our Mexipino Sun design.



Lumpia & Lowriders™

This design is a marriage of our cultures combined through the love of our foods and the pride in our rides. Community and Culture United! 

San Jose Mexipino Sun™

This design pays homage to our current hometown city of San Jose, California while incorporating our Mexipino Sun™ as the "o" in San Jose. The available colors are also a nod to a local professional sports team.